Kerlink Wirnet Station US915 Configuration Fail

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I have two Kerlink Wirnet Stations US915 version, I’m trying to configure without success.
One has installed the 3.3 new firmware and the second the 2.2 firmware.
I get the impression that there is no PF in my two gateways.

TTI help desk says : “Kerlink should have included a pre-installed packet forwarder”

Ok, let’s look for the Packet Forwarded in the gateway system. The wiki guide tell us the path for the PF is: /mnt/fsuser-1/spf or /mnt/fsuser-1/thethingsnetwork or /mnt/fsuser-1/poly-pkt I’m OK?
There is no poly-pkt, no thingsnetwork, no spf, no file that indicates that some packet forwarded is installed in the gateway.

Let’s install the packet forwarded. I have read and received comments that both the kerlink wiki and the installation guide of The things network docs are out of date.

For my gateway with firmware 2.2: Which is the PF version that I should install?

Packet Forwarder v3.1.0-klk16 (May 2018) or Packet Forwarder v3.1.0-klk11 (April 2017)

Is the usbkey.tx required for instalation?

What files should go in the usb to successfully install the packet forwarder?

I appreciate your help.

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I had issues installing the iFemto and Kerlink customer support has been good (better than wiki). Did you try opening a ticket? There is a way to save a log of everything, which they can use to solve.