Laird RG1xx join failures on two channels

I have a friend who has a Laird RG1xx on AU915 - exact model number & firmware revision available when he wakes up - where the Murata ABZ based device fails to join if it uses either 916.8 and 918.2 aka the first & last TTN channels.

If the device uses any of the other six channels, all is well, the join proceeds normally. Once joined, uplinks flow nicely.

The existing forum posts appear to confirm my suspicion that Laird sort of hides firmware info by streamlining in to the release notes PDF without any corroborating info, so I have two questions please

  1. Has anyone ever come across anything like the channel failures before?
  2. Is there any way of verifying else where that the latest firmware is actually

I’m wary of any technical updates that are supplied in this sort of format as it’s reliant on someone keeping the PDF up-to-date rather than it being automagically listed in some download directory.

My current workaround is to remove the two channels from the firmware, it joins, the CFList turns them back on and all appears well with the world. But I’d rather have all eight to hand as a mass deployment is due soon.

My Laird RG1xx is US902-928.

The latest firmware is “Laird Linux gatwick-laird-” per my Laird RG1xx dashboard. That is consistent with the current user guide at


@nu3e, thanks for this - the info I had plus this nudged the client in to updating their gateway.

And then getting out a different brand to confirm that their Laird has some issue - configuration or otherwise - and it’s not a bizarre firmware issue that I’d generated. When in doubt, blame the programmer!

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