Laird RM1xx on Orange Networks

I know this is a Things Network forum - but please hear me out…

We’ve had no issues with using the Laird RM1xx modules on the Things Network - at least they seem to be stable.

On the other hand we have a customer in France who is connecting to the Orange Lorawan network over there, and the RM186 module seems to run for a couple of hours then freeze. It needs a power-cycle to recover. The conclusion is that Orange are doing something that the Things Network isn’t, and the RM186 module is not liking it.
Looking at the server logs we can’t spot anything obvious - the server is sending LinkADRReq commands on a fairly regular basis, and the RM186 is responding. The last entry in the log before a lock-up is the server receiving a packet OK - so we can’t pin it down to to something the server is sending out.

Anyone else come across this?

Given they will be suporting deployments on the network have you asked Laird or asked Orange for any known issues with the product on that network?

(let us know here if you get anything of interest/resolution please)

“Freeze” is a very outside-the-box observation.

You need to get in there and figure out exactly what is happening, from what you will be able to figure out why.

Get inside the box and examine the packet forwarder log.