Laird Sentrius RG1xx Firmware Update

(Joearkay) #1

Hi all,

Does anyone know the firmware update URL for a Laird RG1xx gateway?

I’ve searched through their support forum but can only find the tarball download, and not a link.


(Joearkay) #3

FYI, I finally sniffed this out of 48 hours of researching :wink: I found the update link in this pdf.

The URL is

(Dtinsu) #4


I did the same thing this morning, I found the firmware on this adress:

have a good day

(Isojed) #5

It actually depends on current firmware version of the gateway which update link to use.
Which link to use, in the Sentrius RG1xx WebLCM, is written down in the user guide.
Not using the correct link results in reset to factory defaults.