Laird Sentrius RG1XX Remote Management

The latest versions of RG1XX firmware adds remote management capability.

This is quite useful for gateway firmware updates, monitoring gateway traffic, and updating the gateway configuration.

Has anyone been successful to remotely install a new CONFIGURATION FILE using an Auto Configuration Server (ACS) to a Laird Sentrius LoRa Gateway?

We have GenieACS running and automatically monitoring the gateway, but have so far failed when sending a TR-069 Type 3 vendor config file.

Here are the instructions from the Laird Manual:
Configuration files and certificates can be uploaded to the device. These configuration files are called ‘vendor configuration files’ in TR-069 terminology. An ACS can be commanded to push these to a device or group of devices. The vendor configuration file can change a number of settings in bulk. It is useful to (re)configure a batch of new devices in the field. These settings include, LAN, WiFi, and LoRa radio settings (including the channel plan and other radio settings). A strategy to deploy configurations to the field is to modify a unit locally to the way you want it. Download the configuration file via TR-069 from a locally configured gateway, then upload that generated configuration file to be pushed to all the units once the system administrator is satisfied that all of the settings are correct on the ‘golden unit’. A download is initiated by the ACS with the type “3 Vendor Configuration File”, and an upload is also initiated by the ACS with the type “3 Vendor Configuration File”. The ACS will not put a file extension on the downloaded file. It is a compressed tarball (.tar.gz) file. See the documentation for your ACS to determine how to initiate the ‘3 Vendor Configuration File” upload command.

Does anyone have any update on this? It would be great to have an easy enough way to remote manage the RG1xx and other TTN gateways.