LDDS75-8 payload formater for TTN availabel?

Where can i found a payload formater (uplink) using in ttn 3 which shows
Battery in 3.xx Volt
Distance in mm or cm ?
Many Thanks

Don’t know about the -8 specifically, but usual place is website and device documentation!!! (Have you looked?) Often there isnt much change between versions, unless new features added (I haven’t looked!)

For original LDDS75’s that I have the decoder is below - give it a try - YMMV

function Decoder(bytes, port) {
  // Decode an uplink message from a buffer
  // (array) of bytes to an object of fields.
  var value=(bytes[0]<<8 | bytes[1]) & 0x3FFF;
  var batV=value/1000;//Battery,units:V
  value=bytes[2]<<8 | bytes[3];
  var distance=(value)+" mm";//distance,units:mm
    distance = "No Sensor";
  else if(value<280)
    distance = "Invalid Reading";
  return {
       Bat:batV +" V",