LG02 remotely restart with ssh

Hello everybody,
i have a LG02 gateway. This loses the WAN connection every few days.

Didn’t find a suitable solution here in the forum.

Is it possible to reboot the LG02 Gate remotely via my rasperry pi?

I want to generate the restart automatically. Therefore I want to pass the password to the ssh command.

Unfortunately the following ssh command is unsuccessful:
ssh root@192.168.xxx.102 ‘reboot’

I have to pass on the password, but I don’t know how to do it.

Can someone help me or has a tip for me?

Thank you in advance

The LG02 is not supported for TTN\LoRaWAN, note the message on the LG02 product page;

" Note: LG02 is designed for Private LoRa Protocol, Not recommend for LoRaWAN use"

Thank you for your message.

I don’t quite understand the answer. Does your answer mean I won’t get any help here on the forum?

The gateway LG02 works very well. And does what it should.
Only the connection breaks off every few nights.

The problem could be that it happens every time the IP address changes.

Or maybe I can set in the LG02 configuration that it reboots when the IP address changes? Is that possible?


The LG02 is not a TTN compliant Gateway and can cause disruption to other users, even Dragino do not recommend its use on TTN\LoRaWAN.

This hardware does not support LoRaWAN, it disrupts operation of the TTN network. Please disconnect it from TTN as soon as possible.

Thank you for your message. I respect your answer, of course, but I am very surprised.

There is no gateway here except mine within a radius of 30 km. There will be no disruptions. I also thought I could contribute something positive to TTN.

When I registered here at thethingsnetwork.org, there was no indication that LG02 was not wanted.

It’s a shame. Greetings and stay healthy.