LGT 92 from v2 to v3 update problems

Hi there

I had to upgrade from ttn2 to ttn3 and while setup the device (Firmware 1.5) i had to choose the LoRaWan Version (MAC). I didn’t find that in the specs and i used 1.0.
Now the MAC payload is as en example 00000000000000000ECDA30065016C without GPS Data.
Do i have to setup the device again with a (which?) different MAC Version?
The preconfigured values aren’t possible. How do i have to set up this (old?) device in the new ttn website?
Can someone enlighten me please?

The user manual says it is v1.0.2 which if you have it setup as v1.0 will probably cause both ends a lot of confusion.

Manual here:

I have one running of similar vintage - also from a V2 to V3 migration - I think mine may be running 1.5.3 rather than 1.5.0 will pull it tomorrow and check, however just looked and its running happily with LW1.0.3 so try it at that and if no joy fall back to 1.0.2 Rev B then RevA if needed, per per Nick’s suggestion.

No need to set up again just go into Console → Application → Device then General settings for Device (in middle not for Application in left menu), expand Network Layer, edit MAC info there and “save changes” again and you should be good to go.