LGT-92 GPS in TTN Mapper & Tago.io

On v3 LGT-92 end device live data shows accurate GPS coordinates but that information doesn’t reach the location map in v3 or the maps in Tago and TTN Mapper. All worked well in v2. Same story for six end devices. What could be missing in the v3 end device registration?

I have it working with ttn mapper in v3. Did you setup the ttn mapper integration correctly? There is a ttn mapper webhook template for that.

And did you setup the payload formatter correctly? You have to include lat, lon, hdop and I believe also alt is mandatory.

I must have done something wrong in the webhook, I am using JSON, the base URL reports ‘success’ when I browse to it. My experiment name is ‘RDUK GPS’ but it does not appear on TTN Mapper. I am using a download API key, I am not sure what this does.
The payload formatter has no errors in the console, it is the Dargino v3 payload and the GPS coordinates are appearing correctly, it just seems no other application are seeing them.

I’d drop this thread and work on the other one as until you get your device on to the console, everything else is moot.

I have 8 LGT-92s on the v3 console working well, I just cannot see ANY them on Tago or TTN Mapper.
The device I am trying to register is a RS-485. It has nothing to do with this LGT-92 thread.

Ah, opps, yes, part number snow blind, my bad, I’ll have myself flogged.