LGT-92 longest distances - ground to ground

today I was on the Feldberg mountain in south germany 1493m above sealevel for some range tests and mapping with my t-beam.
The location is not bad but not suitable for world records… :wink:
As the lgt-92 is not able to work as a mapping device I did smartphone-screenshots of the gateways that received the signal to measure the distance later.
The lgt92 used has a modified antenna, because the film-antenna broke month ago when I dropped the case. You can see the mod here. I am using SF9/125 for normal operations to extend a bit the range when you carry it in a bag or on a bicycle.

So with SF9/125 the longest distance today was 105km and the signal strength was -117rssi.
Here is the screenshot I did with google earth of the gateways that received the signal.
What are your personal records with this device?
lgt-92 lgt92_tbeam
The photo is wider then it appears here with my firefox browser.

47,8 kms, with default antenna. However, for these records I would rather give the merit to gateways (EDIT: and also to the 1493 mt :slight_smile: ).
One question and one suggestion:

  • why " lgt-92 is not able to work as a mapping device"?
  • to see the full image, you have to open it in a new window or panel (I do not know why, but it is almost always to do).

For long ground to ground connection you always need to have no obstacle and good a good setup. Check the Videos of Andreas Spiess in YouTube. This is how all long distance records are made and the earth is not flat…I would reach 500km for sure in an airplane, but this is only for fun.
For mapping you need to have the height and the GPS-quality as data that is not transmitted. It is possible to programm this but the original antenna of the lipo version is not perfect as well.
But I dont want big discussions about that, this is off topic.
Yes, in my mobil device Browser I can see the total photo in the thread.

By the way, the t-beam with the original short antenna reached longer distances with SF7/125 at that day. 138km, that is incredible…I am impressed.
I compared an external telescope antenna (ca.19cm long) with perfectly tuned 1:1.0 swr and 1m antenna cable and metall ground that I am using with my car against the short antenna. There were almost no differences, the longest distance is the same…so next time I will take only the short antenna with me.
Slightly off topic but I do not want to open another topic.