LGT92 1.5.0 L76-L and The Thing Stack Community version

Hi everybody,

I have a Dragino LGT-92 HW version 1.5.0, L76-L chip.
I cannot understand why I am not receiving data on The Thing Stack Community version.I don’t understand which setting to enter for:

  • LoraWAN version
  • Regional Parameters version

Please help me.


This you should get from the supplier

What region are you in? When you register the node in the application you set this accordingly.

I have one of similar vintage that works fine on 1.0.3, try that and if not working revert to 1.0.2.b…Its more the firmware that will impact than hardware - which version of software are you running?

Seems all the new ones are 1.0.3 from their web site.

Dictated by the firmware vs rather than the HW as called out by OP. :wink:

Many thanks.