Lgt92 V3 Stack Uplink decoder repository longitude always 0

Hello I moved from V2 to V3 (delete the application in V2 and create a new one in V3)
Now I choose uplink decoder from repository. I got always longitude = 0. If I look at the device in debug mode, I got a right value.
Can somebody validate this and send me a javascript decoder for V3.

Thank you

What’s their motivation?

Decoder depends on the firmware level of your lgt92. See decoder scripts here:


My motivation is to help out other people that need help…

Mine too, I’m just not sure expecting that without any prior effort is the way to go.

The decoder could do with being updated for TTS, I’m sure someone will do that for us.

Thx Gruijter,

I already got this. It looks like this is for Version 2.
So I will start to change this file so it match V3 signature.

Thank you again for your time.

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Problem solved.
Update the device to firmware 1.6.7.

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