Lilygo T-Beam v1. 1 sx1276 <> Ebyte E22900 problem

I have no problem communicating with the two Ebyte E22900Ts I have. I am having problems communicating with the Lilygo T-beam v1.1 IoT card I purchased afterwards and the existing e22900t lora module. Can you help me with my problem?

Sounds like you are using Point to Point LoRa which is not the subject of this forum, it’s about LoraWAN.

Even though I searched many forums, I couldn’t find a valid source. I wanted to ask in the hope that I might find it in this forum. Thanks

Everything here is LoRaWAN on TTI/TTN servers as it’s funded by TTI.

You need to think in terms of getting the parameters of the Ebyte module and applying those to the T-Beam. Or using another Ebyte module with the T-Beam. Or using all plain LoRa radios.

Closing as not TTI/TTN.

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