LMIC Framework- Multi tasking

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I need to do lot of multitasking operation my End node and i use the LMIC framework.

I need to immediately turn off the node when i receive a downlink message/ pin activation in the hardware.

could any one help me out to do this. i have tried in the on_event function by printing a statement on the hardware pin high, but it didnt work out at some points as i need to make it high many times and then i can see the print message for once.

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for this kind of operation probably you may use interrupts.
btw. What node are you using?

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Hi bialy,

I’m using Hoperf95W nodes. i can use the hardware interrupts but i have a design which can cut down the power to the node. But what happens in real is that when i press the switch to turn off, it is not shutting down the power immediately since the node transmission is not stopped. it is still running in os_runloop. I need to add something which should help me to run out of the os_runloop immediately after the interrupt occurs (basically when a key is pressed and hold for 10 Seconds, which helps me to cutof the power to the node).


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Basically, you can do whatever you want, you can disable interrupts, you can sleep LoRa transmitter etc. . But without a schema and code is hard to give you valuable advice.
My advice is to process button in interrupt.

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