LMIC lib LoRaWAN compliant?

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I am developing a device using an RFM95 with the LMIC library made by Matthijs

Does anyone know or has experience with getting a LoRaWAN certification on this setup?
In other words, will it pass certification?


OK to design a product with RFM95W + LMIC?
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I’d guess that project is dead, with last (minor) activity in December 2017 and not updated to 1.6, I think. But I guess the same question applies to forks, such as maybe:

(To see the active forks, look at https://github.com/matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic/network)

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Hi, dead, but working still :wink: (I use it in two projects)

I will check out the out the other ones, good tip!

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Did you validate if, e.g., ADR is working completely as well? And not just on TTN, but with other operators too? And it might also depend on the region you’re targeting.

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Not actively validated, mostly tested when I was at home with gateway nearby and only on TTN.
It is using SF7, not sure what it would be if ADR is not used…? I guess it would use a higher spreading factor. Will check it later.

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well, I think it is fixed at SF7.

But doing some searching on ADR and LMIC (for which I found many topics where Ajan contributed so now I know where his question is comming from :slight_smile: )

I found this on GIT: link

OK, I was having a little trouble with getting LMIC_setDrTxpow() to actually change the spreading factor, but - to answer my own question:

  LMIC_setAdrMode(1); // turn ADR on
  LMIC_setLinkCheckMode(1); // enable link check mode on
  LMIC_setDrTxpow(DR_SF12, 14); // start at SF12
  do_send(&sendjob); // join

then in do_send():

LMIC_setTxData2(1, myPacket, sizeof(myPacket), 1); // want ACK for ADR packets

So I guess it is in some way implemented but not sure if it will be certified…

And I saw in the fork that it was the intention to implement a port 224 application for certification, I asked what the status is.

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