LMIC library basic documentation

(Bas van Ingen) #1

Hi there,

Is there some “simple” documentation available for the LMIC library. I found a PDF on Github but that’s not what im looking for. I’m just a PHP developer and starting in C, but where making progress :slight_smile:
What is see is that people strugling with the library where to put there own code in the sample’s. Normally you put your code in de void_loop() section. But in all the samples i see it in the EV_TXCOMPLETE of the select case statement.

What i’m looking for:
Description of what the functions/procedures do.
Like for example:

  • os_runloop_once() or os_runloop() what are the differences and when do you need to fire them.
  • os_setTimedCallback(&sendjob, os_getTime()+sec2osticks(TX_INTERVAL), do_send) what does this exactly. I know i can schedule when the do_send is fired.

What i’m trying to reach:
I want to make one basic sketch with for example the following functions:
and on

I think the community will have there benefit from it. And surely the beginning C programmers :slight_smile:

(Ud Lo Ra) #2

Hi, I agree on the library complexity. At least one the the PDFs around is “simple”, though not easy to apply without examples at hand. However, there you can find answers to the specific questions you are asking.

Regarding a wrapper for LMIC, I think it would be welcome, however there has been already some attempts (I remember to have crossed something on Github, but never switched to them).

(Sk Lora) #3

Hello, did you have any progress in this way of doing the codes? this would be relatively energetic for the community

(Arjan) #4

Like maybe the following. I’ve never used it: