LMIC-node / Wemos D1 Mini Pro

I have a bunch of RFM95W modules and a pile of Wemos D1 Mini Pro and would love to build some TTN sensors using this platform. The go-to library seems to be LMIC-Node but I can’t find any references to these relatively small Wemos devices using this Library?

Has anyone ever tried this using LMIC-Node

Yes, the creator of it has, the Demos is an ESP8266, LMIC-node supports ESP8266, it’s in the list, you may need to adjust the pins, go for it.

It’s about as gift-wrapped as LoRaWAN firmware on DIY devices can possibly get.

For Wemos/Lolin D1 Mini you can choose ‘nodemcuv2’ board
cf list 2.2 here : https://github.com/lnlp/LMIC-node#34-processdownlink-function

Moderator edit: GitHub - lnlp/LMIC-node: LMIC-node | One example to rule them all. LMIC-node is an example LoRaWAN