Local TTS Instance Hangs After Credentials Page


I’m working on installing TTS as a local deployment in a headless Raspberry Pi 4.

I’m able to get to the credentials page:

But after entering credentials, it hangs here:

I’ve followed this documentation on The Things Stack site.

I’ve also followed this video tutorial. It seems a little outdated compared to the actual documentation, but still very good info.

I’ve started from scratch twice, the first time being unable to even pull the credentials page up in the browser. The second time produced much better results, but now getting stuck on the “Initializing” spinny wheel.

I have a Grafana error here but not sure why:

Not asking for specific answers, but would love to have a direction to head in…


Grafana isn’t the issue here I think. This is probably more related to your Oauth configuration.

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Thank you! I’ll be researching this.

Side-question: I see it says “Enterprise” in the upper left of the credentials/splash page. Is this correct, even though I’m using TTS Community Ed?

You aren’t. TTS CE as was, now TTSandbox is TTN.

You are using TTS OS which is the Enterprise Edition if you purchase a license, put it in to the config yaml and restart - then you get all the extras.

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To back up your prognosis, I’ve found these…

…will continue to work these and post about the results…

If it’s text that can be copied & pasted, please do so.

Whoops right, sorry about that…

I stopped the instance and restarted.

For more granularity (if helpful), the errors occurred in this order:

…when putting my Pi’s IP http://192.168.XX.XXX/ in the browser…

stack-1 | INFO Client error {“duration”: 0.0011, “error”: “error:pkg/account:not_authenticated (not authenticated)”, “error_cause”: “error:pkg/account/session:auth_cookie (get auth cookie)”, “http.method”: “GET”, “http.path”: “/oauth/api/me”, “http.status”: 401, “namespace”: “web”, “peer.address”: “”, “request_id”: “01HQ6X5WAXD8TYWB9M5W8FHNPP”}

stack-1 | INFO Client error {“duration”: 0.0002, “http.method”: “GET”, “http.path”: “/assets/oauth-favicon.ico”, “http.status”: 404, “namespace”: “web”, “peer.address”: “”, “request_id”: “01HQ6X5WCCFASF0AXFEHZEYZC5”}

…then after entering credentials (user name and password)…

stack-1 | WARN OAuth error {“error”: “error:pkg/oauth:invalid_redirect_uri (invalid redirect URI)”, “error_cause”: “urls don’t validate: localhost/noc/oauth/callback;/noc/oauth/callback / /console/oauth/callback”, “http.method”: “GET”, “http.path”: “/oauth/authorize”, “namespace”: “web”, “peer.address”: “”, “request_id”: “01HQ6X9WSRYMKCC8TN16FJWHGD”, “tenant_id”: “default”}

stack-1 | INFO Client error {“duration”: 0.0169, “error”: “error:pkg/oauth:invalid_redirect_uri (invalid redirect URI)”, “error_cause”: “urls don’t validate: localhost/noc/oauth/callback;/noc/oauth/callback / /console/oauth/callback”, “http.method”: “GET”, “http.path”: “/oauth/authorize”, “http.status”: 403, “namespace”: “web”, “peer.address”: “”, “request_id”: “01HQ6X9WSRYMKCC8TN16FJWHGD”}

…then the hang occurs.