Log in to several Gateways?

I am new to LoraWan and TTN. I set up two gateways, one at home, one at work.

  1. Are they visible to others? Can you use them? This is at least intended. (Kehl and Legelshurst in Germany)

  2. A LoraWAN-GPS-Tracker only makes sense, if it (in best case) neatly changes from one gateway to another. The sensor I use for first steps had to be connected to a gateway. This was successful. But how does it connect to other gateways on the way? Is it automatically registered to TTN, wherever I go?

Best thanks for kind answers.


Have you added the gateways to TTN? Or are the gateways running local software?

Did you register the tracker on TTN? Or on local software on the gateway?

For the community to be able to use the gateways you need to register them in TTN and see traffic arriving in the TTN gateway console. (eu1 console for Germany).

Devices/nodes do not ‘connect’ to GW’s e.g. in the way WiFi devices do…this is a broadcast technology where nodes send messages and ALL GWs in range pick up the signal and send to their associated back ends/Network Servers, where if the device is registered to that NS it will get processed, if not registered the message is dropped. See Jac’s comments above if all on TTN then moving from one GW to another is simply the RF/physics matter of the device moving into range of one from another, and its possible to be in rangeo f both…along with any others in the area. Note the default when setting up a GW on TTN is for the GW to be ‘made public’ - visible to others, and hence showing on any TTN maps - Community level or global. Making private will hide on maps but traffic will still be handled through TTN - obviously we prefer users to show in public as we then know what resources may be available locally to us…

At least I did everything I found to do. In the map of gateways the two gateways shine on.

I would propose to join your local community.

You may find some people there which can help you installing the gateways and (if necessary) the antennas.
If you have technical questions feel free to ask them here after reading the very good documentation of TTN.
If you connect your gateways to TTN (TTS CE), they will receive the signals of all nodes and if the CRC is valid the (encrypted) data will be forwarded to TTS CE.
Everyone is allowed to use TTS CE as long as he follows the FUP (Fair use Policy).
Have fun!

To clarify the responses above, if your gateways are registered on TTN and your device is registered on TTN, when ever your device is heard by any gateway that is either on TTN or is linked via the Packet Broker that allows other networks to share gateways, then your device’s message will be forwarded on.

There is no concept or facility to register a device on a gateway so not only is it not required, it is not possible.

If your device is out of range of a TTN gateway, then it will not be heard.

The local community is … me :frowning: .

But thanks for your answers. As both ( gateways and sensors ) are registered at TTN and also the gateways shine on in the map, I think everything should be as intended.

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