Long range radio Pager project

_there is a tool named startdog_V43 to get an idea how that (expensive with backpanel!) display looks.

US $7.44 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/302285955198? :wink:

(just bought one myself to test for another project)

Should maybe start some crowd funded projects to detect when the NSA start experimenting on cracking the home gateways. Oh wait… I thought one of the existing ttn meetups in Eindhoven was going to talk about some hack detection software. Maybe inspired by this very threat :slight_smile:

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nothing new

anyway… as they control 99% off all big exchanges in the world you won’t detect this imho.

visible part of the UTAH datacenter

somebody somewhere is allready building 'spynodes :slight_smile:

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We will re-use a blackberry keyboard :slight_smile: at least for the tests.

And Yes this LCD screen is excellent. We will use it also

Thanks for exchanging

Hi, it’s my first post here, I am a brand new member of the community.
I’m playing with Lora gateways and nodes since just 2 weeks and I’m not probably the most experienced user to write an opinion about your project but I don’t think Lorawan can garantee to be the same efficient as a telco company for paging uses.
My concerns come from the fact that LoraWAN is not a realtime network, paging someone requires some garantee that the person is receiving immediately the notification.
If I’m not wrong TTN works on ClassA connection, for realtime you need Lorawan ClassC…so first of all you have to move to another Server solution.
But the biggest problem is the fact depending on node distance from gateway some packets might be lost and require multiple sends…which is incompatible with a pager destination use.
Maybe I’m wrong, someone else’s opinion will be appreciated in this post, but I’m actually not sure LoraWan can be a good choice for a realtime use.


you’re right.

TTN for example is a class A network so the ‘pager’ will have to contact the mothership and ask if there are any new messages, and that as many times a day as possible (battery!)

This type of use case therefore will, at this moment, not work well on TTN.

Nice discussion. Kindly get back with results. I will post the feedback of FidoNet to a blog Codingular

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things,not because they are easy, but because they are hard; … :slight_smile:

Well don’t get get me wrong - I’m all for a bit of creative fun - but at the time the moon was new, here you trying to emulate 20 year old tech (and apparently planning to use 20 year old hardware too)

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When they said that there weren’t more effective ways to get on the moon.

It’s hard enough to run a successful project that does have a nice fit with LoRaWAN, so it’s not like it’s necessarily a good thing to develop something that is a pretty bad fit.

Similar concept, maybe more adapted to what people use and expect these days: https://www.gotenna.com

And one based on Lora: https://www.beartooth.com

Everything that can be invented has been invented :relieved: .

Not a quote by Charles Holland Duell.

Great. Looks like the idea is welcome by the public if you see how much money they raized.
Now we should have something opensource

From the Ofcom.org.uk report. Page 29, of 143. The cumulative proportion of connections by number of applications. Number 3 is: Emergency calling - Automotive 17 Million connections in 2024.

If you can make this pager, it would be superb for use as a two-way emergency calling device for farm vehicles on farms covered by TTN Lorawan gateways. The key is in the screen. One can use it to display a response eg: ‘Emergency message confirmed received by family member 1 & 2’. A keyboard or variety of buttons is optional, but it might be quite useful for any non-emergency use.

Reading page 35 & 36 again highlights the authors predictions for the top predicted use for IOT in the automotive industry. ‘Emergency calling’.

With thanks to another TTN forum post, report is here:

Go for it ccadic! Glad to see your are getting good help :slight_smile:


IOT E-paper doorsign

is that from you ?

so why not use a low energy e-paper display in your pager ? (yes I know they are still a bit expensive )

Just wondering… why should this be LoRaWAN? LoRa seems to fit but LoRaWAN seems to be the constraint. Based on the farm-example it might make more sense to make a setup some things similar to single channel gateways that run non-TTN and non-LoRaWAN software. The basic limitation I see is the limited number of downlink messages and you’d get rid from that constraint with this approach. Besided that these simplified gateway-like things consume far less power allowing to run them on solar power more easily.

Well LCD is not draining too much power compared to epaper
And if some followers suggested to also have “games” like the one on the nokia old phones :)))
for some reasons I feel LCD will me more open to not-yet-discovered extentions

I think they should to both (more than both): and try to push the data though any available channel (freedom to restrict of course of choose a priority one). From the beginning I fear about the amount of traffic. extra-TTN is careful