Long range radio Pager project

Quick progress on this topic :slight_smile:

Did you see Sonnet project ?

They don’t provide many technical information, but prototype’s photo show a RFM95, specifications says Chirp Spread Spectrum and 148db sensitivity, and comments adds a “137 to 1020mhz”. So they seems to use a SX1276… with a 30dbm amplifier (a bit illegal on these frequencies) !

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I am convinced they won’t get acces to the TTN network (or any other)

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consider :


26350 2000 mAh Li-ion

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Thnx so much . exactly what I was looking for

diy 26350 charger :rofl:

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As always: be extremely careful with Li-Ion batteries bought from dubious sources. Not six months ago I bought some 18650 branded Ultrafire that were giving me a voltage of 3.8V… when fully charged. I’ve never figured out what they were, exactly, but they sure weren’t Li-Ion cells!

Otherwise, why not using LiPo flat cells? your PCB looks one-sided, so you could stack them on the back. Just don’t stick a knife through those…

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Seems it is hard to find a SMD battery holder for this model :)))
I will have to design mine, I’m afraid

you bought the worst battery’s ever made … ultrafire :sunglasses:

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yes true, been there
I’ve looked at this solution

those 26350 are excellent quality, but for a production I would contact the factory, can you still buy them next year ?

[ this is my favo lipo dealer ]

thats a much cheaper keyboard solution :sunglasses:

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well, to be honest, much more expensive.
but dealing with the BlackBerry Q10 keyboard connectors is a nightmare

ah ok, I thought that blackberry keyboard was very expensive.
complicated project… how’s the firmware going ?

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q10 bb kb are only 4 USD but the hirose 28 pin nano connector is awfull.
firmware is the one of ESP32 dev board.
I have mst of thel the functions in C done.
just need to assemble the puzzle’s pièces.

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looking good ! :sunglasses:

Hi, is there any update on this project? There is an agricultural use case for this here in Ireland. Thanks. Albert.

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What’s the status today? Remembering 5 months later?

Finally you did it with touch screen which is great! Buttons sucks )

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you can folow his FB group

Yes. I will work on the Q10 keyboard part but later. I need to add another microcontroler for the keyboard only.

Now fighting with the GPS from QUECTEL L80-R connected to TX2 RX2 of a DOIT ESP32 DEV BOARD. And TinyGPS++ arduino library. My first time with GPS. I’m a bit lost. Impossible to get information from the GPS module YET. All the other functions are working well. Now making the software, designing the graphic menus …

What do you mean by ‘impossible to get information’? Usually GPS module sends lots of data when it is connected. If not then may be you have problem with satellite signal or interface?