Looking for a ready to buy PCB for a Lora node with an ATtiny85

Hello there,
I am looking for a ready to order PCB for a Lora node based ont he ATtiny85 or similar. I am especially interested in ready to use code samples for this node.

I am looking to make a few cheap and long lasting door sensors.

Thanks a lot for your help!

what lora(wan) module should that ATtiny connect ? remember the memory and I/O is very limited
with ’ long lasting’ do you mean the battery ?

* as far as I know a working stack that fits is never released

a Lora node based ont he ATtiny85 or similar

Not the ATtiny85 but if the ATtiny84a is OK then take a look at this, and combine it with this and this then you get something like this:


and this :wink:



Thanks a ton for your replies! Those look promising. What would be the default way to realize a Lora Node which runes on batteries and just sends a message when a door contact is closed?

that depends on your programming/electronics experience.

easiest way is to buy a factory node - https://shop.factorylab.nl/product/fennec-door-count/

or read some LAB stories and edit/write new code for your use case - https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/labs/stories/node

Well I have no problem with programming, soldering, etc. I build my own node already with a Arduino Mini and the RFM95. Ideally I would be looking for a PCB now that also supports battery power.

So why don’t you use that one then… and use a magnetic contact as input


Yeah I want to do exactly that, but the Node I have now is hand soldered and takes a long time. Ideally I would like to use a ready made PCB design for that.

Ok this looks very promising. The only downside is that the software stack he is using is still under NDA.
Other than that I think this would be a nice PCB and if someone would provide a ready to run example for some sensor on this particular stack I could easly modify it for my use case.

I don’t follow.

You need a door sensor… So basically on/off… with some intelligence I assume So that when someone don’t close the door the node won’t keeps sending the same ‘door’s open’ signal. :wink:

His firmware is adapted for very low power use… you may use that for free, but not in a commercial application without contacting him… I don’t see a problem here

It is more that I am unsure about the software stack I should be using. On GitHub they are writing that they use arduino-lmic. But this library has so many config options that I would basically need someone that sets “sane defaults that just work” for it.

yeah … you have to put some effort in your research… luckily there’s a lot to be found when using google / search here on the forum :wink:
don’t expect a taylormade solution/tutorial presented especially for you … but we are here to help when possible.

Well I was just wondering if someone had the same problem as I do and has just open sourced everything since that would be an ideal point of entry for me. PCB wise Charles has done that and I will probably order some of his pcbs. The next step would be to find a good entry point for the software side of things :slight_smile:

ok then… if you want to avoid using the LMIC stack you have to look at other options like nodes with RN2483/2903 chips that have buildin stacks.
There are also PCB’s and complete nodes for sale (search Tindie)

That would take the fun out of it :slight_smile: I think I will try and adapt the lmic stack then. Thanks for your help and time!

In spanish a open door node running on batteries

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See the power save solution on https://pcbs.io/share/46aR0

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