Looking for fablabs to extend the Things Network in France

(Cedric Goby) #1


There is around 160 fablabs in France which is one of the most active country in the World.

Every big city has one or more fablabs but also small cities and even villages have one ! French people seems to be very enthusiastics…

So I think fablabs could be one of the best way to extend TTN in France.

In order to present this project to french fablabs (but also in every country) I have created a project here : https://www.fablabs.io/projects/the-things-network-building-a-fully-distributed-internet-of-things-data-infrastructure-in-france.

If you are a fablab and if you are interested in setting up gateways the fablab of Montpellier LABSud can help you, feel free to contact @CedricGoby !


(Lhanneus) #2

As said on the other forum http://discuss.fablabs.io/t/discussion-about-the-things-network-building-a-fully-distributed-internet-of-things-data-infrastructure-in-france/8273

I think several of us contribute to the TTN.
It could be in their own name ( I own two TTN gateways) or in the name of their FabLabs…


(Cedric Goby) #3


That’s great and I know that.
But there are several cities in France with a fablab but no TTN community. That’s what I’m trying to change.