Looking for fablabs to extend the Things Network in France


There is around 160 fablabs in France which is one of the most active country in the World.

Every big city has one or more fablabs but also small cities and even villages have one ! French people seems to be very enthusiastics…

So I think fablabs could be one of the best way to extend TTN in France.

In order to present this project to french fablabs (but also in every country) I have created a project here : https://www.fablabs.io/projects/the-things-network-building-a-fully-distributed-internet-of-things-data-infrastructure-in-france.

If you are a fablab and if you are interested in setting up gateways the fablab of Montpellier LABSud can help you, feel free to contact @CedricGoby !



As said on the other forum http://discuss.fablabs.io/t/discussion-about-the-things-network-building-a-fully-distributed-internet-of-things-data-infrastructure-in-france/8273

I think several of us contribute to the TTN.
It could be in their own name ( I own two TTN gateways) or in the name of their FabLabs…



That’s great and I know that.
But there are several cities in France with a fablab but no TTN community. That’s what I’m trying to change.


Hello @CedricGoby.
AgriLab is an open innovation center focus on Agriculture. We are also a FabLab.
I will propose workshops on IOT.
I also try to launch a community for “les Hauts-de-France”; to involve people in the neighbourhood.

Hi All,
I just saw this discussion. Here in Lannion we are also working on TTN.
All the info here :
in french, sorry.
And of course the community :

Feel fre to ask !


That’s great. I work on a campus in Montpellier where there is an agricultural engineer school (https://www.montpellier-supagro.fr/) and a research institute (http://www.inra.fr/).

The school will soon launch an “AgroLAB” for students, engineers and scientists. It’s also focused on agriculture and food. I’m also involved for the research institute side.

I’ll post a link to their website when they’ll be ready.

You have to know that INRA will open a LAB in every INRA center in France next year for boosting innovation. Each center is looking for a fablab partner.

Let me know if you want me to give you contacts in this INRA center near you : http://www.hautsdefrance.inra.fr/

There is also an INRA center near you : http://www.rennes.inra.fr/


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Hi @INRA , I wasn’t aware of your projects. I’m happy that they are more initiatives in this field.

AgriLab is open to the public for some month. The project was initiated 2 years ago. AgriLab is implanted in the UniLasalle Beauvais Polytechnique campus.

As you’ll also have some OpenLab, let’s talk and do projects together. I’m already in discussion with several FabLabs around the world on the agriculture’s subject.

Our website : http://agrilab.unilasalle.fr/
We are pretty active on our Facebook page : http://agrilab.unilasalle.fr/
We are launching a more friendly wiki, so I’ll post the link later on. But you can see some of our projects on the old wiki : http://agrilab.unilasalle.fr/projets/projects/rob-olympiades-2017-unilasalle/wiki