Looking for help with adding CN490 region support to MCCI LMIC

Add CN490 in the MCCI LMIC library is So hard for me because of the missing files.

Anyone could help me…

MCCI LMIC currently does not support the CN490 region.

It is not exactly clear what you mean with “add CN490 is so hard because of the missing files”.

You can create a request for adding CN490 support to the LMIC library (by creating an issue in the repository) and check for more information at the MCCI LMIC repository on GitHub.

I just noticed that you apparently posted a related question on the MCCI Forum where a bit more information is added.

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After checking this tutorial, I find the first mentioned file lmic_config_preconditions.h really contains something about CN490 but missing the rest files mentioned in tutorial to add this region, that is why I said above.

I don’t know the meaning of not supporting CN490 but containing relevant code.

If LMIC supports a region (e.g. EU868) you only have to select the region and LMIC will work correctly. LMIC has built-in support for many regions but no built-in support for CN490.

To make LMIC work with the CN490 region you must modify/add code for CN490 to LMIC yourself. You can add the support for CN490 yourself, but this will not be easy.

I tried the settings and send packets, but the gateway can not receive them.
Any way to debug, for example, see the detail of the sent packet including content and frequency?

What settings, what region, what program, what board (etc., etc., etc.)?

We don’t have crystal balls on the forum so you will have to provide detailed information relevant for your case. Don’t make other users have to ask and guess for information that you need to provide yourself.

What gateway, what (region) settings (etc.)?
What have you tried exactly?

Read the LMIC documentation for how to enable debugging.

Tip: It may be helpful to use the LMIC-node example (if it supports your board).
LMIC-node provides more information than the basic examples that are included with the LMIC library.

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