Looking for simple switch LoraWAN end device

I’m looking for advice on best approach for a small, cheap Lora end device that transmits periodically the state of a button. I’ve got a good understanding of software and a basic understanding of electronics. But not sure where to begin for a small, cheap unit.

Get yourself a Dragino LDS01, replace the reed switch with connections to the button, configure with some downlinks and you are done.


Or you go for a Dragino LBT1 - LORAWAN TRACKER has all ready a button. With some sensor’s in it.
Or build some things self like a Heltec HTCC-AB02A

Dragino LDS01 looks like a good place to start to prove the concept, then I guess looking at Heltec HTCC-AB02A for self build would be next step. I assume I’d code as I would an Arduino, would I need additional circuitry to provide input of switch state?

Also any idea on the sort of range I’d get with either of the approaches?

Not for the LDS01. No coding required at all, just change some settings and you are done.

For the LDS01 you wouldn’t if you connect it where currently the reed switch is connected.

No. It is difficult, not to say impossible, to predict range as it depends on the environment you are deploying in. In an urban area with new builds which have excellent RF shielding the range is vastly different from an open field.

How about telling us what you need in terms of range and where the device will be?

I want to put on feed bins in stables, this can be upto 5km (Most cases should be less than 1km) from house which I assume is where the gateway will sit on the network.
So I’m looking for a simple cheap circuit with a good range.

Unless there’s another approach to use a repeater or something. There can be a 10’s of stables, so I want to keep the individual price down.

If the antenna is on the top of the house and it is a semi or actual rural environment, this has potential. Best way is to buy some and find out what the actual signal results are from clear line of sight to a stable block in a dip behind a large body of trees.

Quality, time, money - pick any two.

Cheap as in affording to be able to fix after-sales issues?

I trust you will commission a professional review before launching this product, as the advice here comes with a level of liability proportional to the amount paid.

With direct line of sight?, no interveening hills/obstructions - in countryside? even gentle undulations where height isnt locally apparrent can form longer range obstruction unless GW antenna is mounted high up. Where will GW be in relation to the stables (height wise) - what does local topological map look like? These devices have small/inefficient antennas c/w say a simple housing mounted dipole and range may be an issue…more/detailed info may help judge…

Out company will soon launch this LoRaWAN IoT Button:

Some nice devices!
Is ther any statemens to the typical battery lifetime?

This heavily depended on the usage obviously. We have calculated that with 2 button interactions per day, the battery should last for 9 years, also considering self discharge.

What is the use case for 2 button presses per year?

Interesting, and what about the case of say a security or operational check where a location is visited for checks and button pushed say ‘I was here and checked’ 2x or 4x per 24hrs? (obviously dont want you to start covering every possible dutycyle in response to forumite requests but I have seen this use case with existing ‘buttons’ ). you may save yourselves some enquiry time if you can generate a usage ‘calculator’ to post on your website :wink:

I’ve been testing oxon button which use CR2430 as does this wee follow.
They say battery lasts a month on 20 on uplinks per day/DR dependant.

When will app be available on play?
Also does the device support confirmed msg?
When available on webstore?

Dont forget the TTN FUP - regular confirms discouraged due to 10 dowlink limit and impact on GW reception being detrimental to rest of community…

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@Jeff-UK Yes… use case straying
but will be using these on TTI

Unfortunately your use case and requirements are still not clear (enough).
Please be more specific.

What is the button on the feed bins used for?
Is it pressed by a human, a horse or something else?
When is the button pressed and when does a message need to be transmitted?
Why periodically and what is a period here?
Is battery operation required or is it possible to use mains power?

What is small?
1km or 5km makes quite a difference.
Small and long distance are conflicting requirements.
With these distances a tiny antenne built into a small device is probably not sufficient, an external antenna on the device may be required.

Can you build it yourself from modules and components and mount it in a casing or do you need a finished product that is ready for use?

“cheap and simple”. That is what we all want. :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you have a price range in mind?

Which are your most important requirements?