LoRa Alliance conference, 6th/7th July

If anyone is going to the conference and would like to have a mini-meetup at some point, please post below. Don’t post your phone number etc, I can co-ordinate a comms method like a WhatsApp group if there is sufficient numbers.

TTI have an exhibition stand, so there may be the great & good such as @wienkegiezeman and @johan as well as (hopefully), some of the engineers that have done such an amazing job getting v3 out the door and evolved.

Yes, @wienkegiezeman @adrianmares and @rish1, @pierreph and I will be there pouring coffee and handing out discount codes for The Things Conference 2022.


Sure I would enjoy the coffee but sadly wont be there…conflict with family vac! Still…looking forward to TTC’22…may/will volunteer again? (Call for volunteers email arrived this morning :slight_smile: )

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I’ll take a flask and bring some back for you!

Great…only problem is the croissant will be stale by then :rofl:

Have a great conference.

Obviously what happens in Paris, stays in Paris and no one talks about LoRaWAN Club, nor do they leave a device in the corner.

Swag was in short supply due to too many grey box vendors with little imagination. But here’s my top 5:

  1. TTI Chocolate bar - a really chunky bar and tasty too
  2. ivanti Wavelink socks (very comfy)
  3. Seeed fold-a-way backpack
  4. Semtech “Wireless with LoRa” cable organiser pouch (love the irony)
  5. LoRa Alliance cloth bag

plus more biros than the world can possibly need …

Note to anyone with an exhibition stand at any trade show, do not replicate the information easily obtained on your website with bored sales execs & lots of plastic boxes that do similar things to the other boxes on other stands.

Entertain us. Challenge us. Teach us. Make yourself memorable.