Lora-dl: [TTN V3 (eu1)] Keepalive timed out

Hi, I have lot of this msg in log, what is wrong ?
We have public IP without any limits (port, traffic etc…)
Is possible run two and more gateways on the same public IP , the same internet connection… ?

Yes it is!

Anyone info about Keepalive timed out error in log ?


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What gateway brand? What packet forwarder? A bit more information as well as searching the forum goes a long way.

Gateway is Mikrotik wap LR8 kit, main router is RB4011 direct to optical network

But many articles are not resolved…

Which means that some are and/or they may prompt you to look at some elements of your setup independently of the answers given here.

Hi, unfortunately, I didnt find anything in the last articles that would lead me to rebuild something…
I dontt know what to re-setup :confused:

What is the originating UDP port used by the LR8? (The target port is 1700)

Yes, original is 1700 up/down

If the origin port is not a random one you won’t be able to use multiple gateways behind one NAT router as there won’t be a way to create multiple NAT sessions. NAT requires the combination of source port (within the local LAN), destination IP and destination port to be unique.

I can use random port ? For example 8888 and for next GW 9999 ? Setup make just in GW or also in TTN console ?

The destination port is always 1700. If you are able to specify a source port you can use any value you like without the need to configure it at TTN side.

Im sorry, but I dont know exactly what you mean.
Change port in GW to xxx and in main router change back to 1700 ? Or ?

Please read up on NAT and UDP so you know what happens/is supposed to happen at the internet gateway router.

Im sorry, but I would need info about the exact settings