Lora Dragino Shield, arduino uno

Hello everybody
I’m starting out in IoT, I got a Lorawan la66 dragino shield and connected it to an arduino uno. Dragino provides a tutorial, however, I am not receiving data from the DHT22 sensor on the TTN platform, I read several documentations but was unsuccessful. Can someone help me?

Yes, someone can.

I know that answer is not useful to help you solve your issue. However, your message is about as informative.

We need more information to help you. For starters, do you have your own gateway? If not how far away is the nearest gateway? Where are you testing? In a large city, a small town or the countryside?

Hello, thnaks for answering
I don’t have my own gateway yet, the nearest gateway is far away and I’m testing (trying) in the countryside.

If there is no gateway close there won’t be anything to receive the transmissions from your device to forward them to TTN. You need to be within RF range of a TTN gateway for this to work.

Which gateway can you recommend to use with this Lora shield?

Any LoRaWAN compliant GW will work if shield correctly configured for LoRaWAN use/registration….many GWs widely discussed on the Forum….use search. If working locally and just want one to assist debug (monitoring received traffic in the TTN Console view) and to ‘just work’ vs for gw development and experiments then the TTIG is an obvious choice……just don’t have node and gw too close……it’s Long Range tech remember :wink: