LoRa equipements Regulations in Morocco

Hi Guys!
My team and i are working on a iot project that requires using Lorawan, and we want to build our own gateways using raspberry pi.
Does anybody know the regulations regarding the use of LoRa equipment in Morocco

Without looking not sure what electrical/environmental regs apply but wrt LoRaWAN frequency usage start by checking here to see what freq plan - if allocated - is allowed by the LoRa Alliance and go from there :slight_smile:

Please report back here what you discover as that may help others in the future… :+1:

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Ok, Thank you!

hey i have the same problem i m using a model Lora/GPS Shield with the freq : 868mhz for a project in Rabat
if u want to talk about that contact me tarik.sbai15@gmail.com

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Hello , any update on this issue as i’m facing the same pb :stuck_out_tongue: . thanks