Lora Frequency 868MHZ for Military use in ITaly?

Is it true that the LORA Alliance is looking for guidelines in the Italian market because the military wants to claim the 868 frequency?
Online i can´t find something… someone has heard or seen siomething like this??


what is your source for this news ?

i have this info from a partner of the LORA ALLIANCE

Frequency availability is harmonized across Eu, ETSI, EFTA, European Continent… so unless Italian Military have plans for following us with ITEXIT?! :thinking:

…even then we will follow same regs… :slight_smile:

…and besides radio waves dont respect national borders :wink:

Jeff is right about EU rules:
“In accordo con la decisione 2006/771/CE e successive modifiche le bande di frequenze 863,0-865,0 MHz, 865,0- 868,0 MHz, 868,0-868,6 MHz, 868,7-869,2 MHz, 869,40-869,65 MHz e 869,7-870,0 MHz e, in accordo con la raccomandazione CEPT ERC/REC 70-03, la banda di frequenze 863,0-870,0 MHz possono essere impiegate ad uso collettivo da apparati a corto raggio destinati ad impieghi non specifici, aventi le caratteristiche tecniche della raccomandazione CEPT ERC/REC 70-03 (Annesso 1).”

However, the 868MHz range together with other ranges seem under Defense Ministry management (while the others are under the Economics Ministry).

Something similair is happening in The Netherlands where the ministry of defense claimes 6 Mhz more bandwith in the 450-470 mHz.
nl source

Thank you all, i hope you are right.

Don´t forget, we are talking about italy,… all is possible in italy :wink:

Hi all,
any news on this topic ?

Does anybody report any reliable info from the italian MISE or defense minister ?

Thanks for any feedback


My understanding is the Military “Manage” the 868 MHz band in Italy.
But you can use for private experimental use, or words to that effect.
So it’s not that they want it.
It’s more about making it available for commercial use.

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