Lora Frequency Band for India ISM

In india we have a ISM band of 865 to 867 Mhz. Can some one suggest what will be the channels possible for us.

What will be best way to distribute uplink/downlink channels



Hi Anita,
Did you find any useful info reg this frequency allocation in India?. I am also looking for similar information. But could not find the right info so far.


I have seen many people ask the same question, but after looking at all the available infirmation I wrote the following article. Hope this helps.

LoRa Frequency Bands in India


Hi @gettogupta …Thanks for your clarification for ISM band in India.I read your article where you said 7 out of 8 channels are license free in India. Does it means , it will be illegal to use TTN gateway in India as TTN gateway in 868 bands will have all 8 channels ( the 8th one is not license free) which can be used for down link transmission? Can you please suggest.

I’ve been working on LoRaWAN in India for a while and honestly have not had much real world success (got some good clients who ended up other communication technologies!!) But now with NB-IoT arriving in India. It looks to me that , perhaps for India that is the way to go. Summarized some of my thoughts in the following post.

NB-IoT in India

would like to hear from people about their thoughts on this.