Lora Gateway Decoding

Hello Everyone,
we are planning to use Lora sensors for control applications in cooperation with an industrial partner.

Sensor --> Gateway --> Cloud

Because the external Link to the cloud might not be always availabe, we want to implement a controller application directly on the gateway.
Therefore, we have to decode Lora data packets directly on the Gatway.

We have the following questions:

  • Is it possible to modify the software on the PoE enabled Raspberry Pi 3B+ based LoRaWAN® Gateway?
  • Or, should we better set up our own gateway with separte components?

Anyone have example software on how to decode Lora packets on the gateway? Or tutorial/forum contributions?

What you want is possible, but not TTN compatible. You need to implement the entries LoRaWAN back end yourself, check ChirpStack.

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