Lora gateway

Hi I’m trying to connect my LG01-N DRAGINO to the thing network.
I have seen a lot of video on YouTube but nothing works for me, my biggest concern at the moment is that my gateway does not have an ID and I find it weird
this is my loraWAN
what i tried

please can anyone help me ?

That is not a LoRaWAN gateway and it should not be connected to TTN. Using it will cause issues for you and other TTN user. Please disconnect it now.

You can use the hardware for LoRa, not LoRaWAN.

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but i have sensors which are connected to my Arduino board and I have to send the data using a Lora shield then store the data on the internet.
do yon think that i need the LG01-P

do you have any solution for me sir

Yes as Jac says…get a LoRaWAN gw…the lg01 is a single channel packet forwarder (use forum search) suited to LoRa only and proprietary use cases. You need a full 8 channel system that supports LoRaWAN. Do not connect the device you have to ttn as you have been told already. If keen on Dragino they have products such as the LPS08 which will serve just fine. That or the 308 or newer devices with outdoor or high channel capacity if needed.

Have your Arduino use an appropriate LoRaWAN library (forum search again - spoiler use MCCI or similar) and you should be able to get a good system working. If you want to stay proprietary LoRa only there are lots of articles and libraries available but they are not LoRaWAN and out of scope and unsupported on this Forum…TTN & LoRAWAN only…

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