LoRa in China

My understanding is per the Lora Alliance there are now 3 possible frequency plans for China. 470-510Mhz, 779-787Mhz, and 920.5-924.5MHz. Our product regulatory compliance expert claims the following:

Lora on frequency 470-510 MHz is experimental pending published documents. Certainly we can monitor this until the regulatory body publishes documents for Lora and this frequency. Also the channels for 470-510 frequency would be disabled if used by China Broadcasting services.

Lora on frequency 779-787 MHz are not to be produced, imported, or installed after 2021-01-01.

They had no comment on AS923 because there were no documents they could find.

Is anyone actively and legally using devices in mainland China?

Given the existence of companies like RAKwireless, I’d anticipate the short answer is yes.

The longer answer in relation to TTN is that the hosting requirements inside China are problematic but you can still use systems near by if they are accessible.

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