Lora module in weatherproof box and antenna outside

IS it possible Lora module in weatherproof box and antenna outside?

Lora module in weatherproof box

It is possible but not by using a single wire. You need a coaxial cable (50 Ohm) to connect the external antenna. I would recommend a full-size 1/2 lambda antenna instead of this coil-antenna.

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The 30ft of co-ax cable, connecting the box to the antenna, will loose you some range, whether that is important to you depends on what you mean by ‘good range’ and where the antenna is actually located.

How far are you from the nearest gateway ?

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How to connect that to lora module? lora module has only one port to connect single wire antenna

Sure, I shall take care next time.

Connect the inner conductor of the coax-cabel to this point and the shield to GND. It could make life easier if you tell us what module you want to use.

I have Lora sx1278

Thats just the part number of the RF chip on the actual module you are using.

And we still dont know what you mean by ‘good range’ and where your nearest gateway is.

imho you use a Semtech Sx1278 as chipset. This device is intended to work on 433 MHz. Almost all gateways I know for TTS CE use 868MHz (912MHz).
Are you sure you want to use this frequency-band?
But independent of the frequency - I recommend to use the module-version with the IPEX-connector and a short IPEX to SMA pigtail.

In my country (India) as far i know, only 433 MHz is allowed to use.

I connected one Lora module to NodeMCU which will send some command to other Lora module which 2Km away, that remote lora module has arduino board which will receive command and operate relays accordingly, so good range means it should work for 2km

You seem to be describing a point to point LoRa setup, this is a forum for discussion of The Things Network (TTN), where a LoRa module talks to a TTN Gateway.

ohh,if its wrong place then sorry, but basically its related to anteanna which common whether its network or point to point

Excepting that the forum is for TTN which is not point 2 point.

If you have generic questions on antenna’s that are clearly applicable to LoRaWAN users as well then that’s OK but needs to keep LoRaWAN in mind.

I’d urge you to visit the antenna topics - either find them by the categories or searching for ‘antenna’ as there is a wealth of detail that may fill in more information for you.