Lora network to measure water consumption

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good morning I would like to ask you for help on what equipment I recommend to build a lorawan network I have researched and I have heard about the locom of pycom and also the dragon lora which I recommend you to use and also with respect to the antenna and a flow sensor which would be the best is to measure the amount of flow in the homes so I ask for your help on what equipment they recommend me to use since I am new to this topic of iot

I would thank you a lot


Are you familiar with electronics?
If not, I would suggest using an out-of-the-box water meter sensor.
You can find these easily by googling.

You mentioned the dragino board for the raspberry pi board.
However, this way of creating a gateway can be very tedious.
There are premade gateways that are very easy to get up and running.
The Things Network has gateways for sale.

Or you can buy any other gateway by searching the internet.

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How far away is the nearest TTN gateway or are you setting up your own ?

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I started unsing a rak831 gateway in my village. Works perfect. You can find them on aliexpress as a kit with pi3 included. I bought a fiberglass antenna now more nodes is talking to it.


did you google yourself for ’ lorawan watermeter sensor ’ ?

do you want to read existing (mechanical) watermeter or the waterflow in a pipe

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Beware that your code should probably send some total values: there is no guarantee that all the LoRaWAN transmissions will be received, so only sending the usage since the last transmission will not give you an accurate total consumption.

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