LoRa node-to-node Library for STM32

Hi. I use a LoRa library, developed by Sandeep on an Arduino-LoRa platform. I am new in STM32 and would like to use the same library on a new LoRa-STM32 based node via STM32CubeIDE. Could you help me to figure out how to get advantages of the same library now for STM32?

Thanks in advance.

The Sandeep library is for point to point LoRa as I recall so its not used for TTN.

If you want to use the same Arduino platform based LoRa library for STM32, you will very probably have to use an implementation of the Arduino framework for STM32 instead of STM32Cube.

As @LoRaTracker already mentioned, Sandeep’s library is LoRa point to point while this forum is about The Things Network and LoRaWAN which uses gateways and central backend services. We are not supporting LoRa point to point on the forum.

Unfortunatly there is not a general purpose LoRa support forum that I know of. Semtech run a ‘Knowledge base’ but you can wait many weeks for a reply in there.

So there is a tendancy for general LoRa queries to be raised in this forum, just because most often if you do an Internet search this forum crops up as being somewhere that LoRa is discussed.

Point to Point LoRa is very different in application to The Things Network (TTN) and the software libraries are completly different too.

It would be quite easy for this TTN forum to become the place on the Internet for ‘LoRa’ support and that would overun the intended purpose of this forum, which is to support TTN.


Thank you for your helpful comments!