Lora not joining for first attempt

I am using stm32wb5mmg with pico sx1262. When I am trying to make LoRa join through OTAA, it actually joins, but not on the first attempt. It takes 2 or 3 attempts to join OTAA initially. Can I know the reason or any suggestions needed to be made regarding the SX1262 driver?

Check the log in the Live Data of your device.

Yes it’s running and showing join failed on first attempt but in 2nd or 3rd with the same distance it’s joining successfully

What is the RRSI logged in the console?

And what SF is set for 1st attempt, 2nd attempt 3rd… etc.?

After joining successfully the RSSI value is -8dbm.

The configuration are SF: 12 B/W: 125Khz.

Far to high and close - THE DEVICES ARE SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER! - so signals distorted/incomprehensible for decode - search forum for recommended goldilocks RSSI range when testing/debugging and wrt seperation distance/absorbers to keep them operating as Long Range devices!

Also L-A recommend Network Providers limiting device ability to join at SF12 so change to a lower SF - suggest start at SF7 and then increment/back of if failing to join…

Forum search is your friend, please use where you can :wink: