LoRa Ra-02 SX1278 Module 433MHz and raspberry pico, Micropython

I am a novice with lora and I am trying to translate a Micropython script for the ESP32 for the raspberry pico. With googling on this I unfortunately can’t find anything for the raspberry pico. I currently have 1 LoRa Ra-02 SX1278 Module 433MHz along with the raspberry pico. I hope that I can communicate with this module and the pico, also because in a YouTube video I saw 2 Lora moules as an example. I am now wiring the Lora module to the pico but I don’t know where to connect DIO 0, DIO 1, DIO 2, DIO3 to the pins of the pico. Does anybody know that? What I actually want is to send a message via blootooth to my mobile phone.

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