LoRa Ra-02 SX1278 Module 433MHz and raspberry pico, Micropython

I am a novice with lora and I am trying to translate a Micropython script for the ESP32 for the raspberry pico. With googling on this I unfortunately can’t find anything for the raspberry pico. I currently have 1 LoRa Ra-02 SX1278 Module 433MHz along with the raspberry pico. I hope that I can communicate with this module and the pico, also because in a YouTube video I saw 2 Lora moules as an example. I am now wiring the Lora module to the pico but I don’t know where to connect DIO 0, DIO 1, DIO 2, DIO3 to the pins of the pico. Does anybody know that? What I actually want is to send a message via blootooth to my mobile phone.

This is a forum specifically for the discussion of TTN\LoRaWAN.

Applications and Microcontrollers used for point to point LoRa are outside the scope of this forum.

Hi, were you able to finish interfacing pico with SX1278? If yes please share details.

If you want an answer on how to interface a Raspberry Pico to a LoRa module you ought to get an answer in the Raspberry Pi forums.

If you want to use a Pico & a SX1278 to create a LoRaWAN device, there are examples on this forum, Google will find things on Hackster.io and other places.