LoRa RM191 RFtest fails when attempting to join

(Chehade) #1

So im trying to connect my LoRa RM191 dev kit to the Sentrius RG191 gateway and do a range test. The current issue is that after i xCompile + load the code, it will time out when attempting to join the gateway.

Is There a configuration setting that i need to access and change in order to have them connect to each other or is the problem different?

following screenshot of my issue:

(Tony Smith) #2

No not normally, you don’t need anything special. Are you compiling one of the demonstration codes that come with the RM1xx? if so, (don;t need to post) what is the file name. To be sure the gateway is working, have you had other nodes successfully Join?

(Tony Smith) #3

Also just check the RM191 is on the correct block of 8 radio channels used by TTN as by default the RM191 will try the full 64 channels.

channelmask$ = “0002000000000000ff00”
rc = LORAMACSetOption(LORAMAC_OPT_CHANNELMASK, channelmask$)

This is for Au915 where TTN is in channels 8-15, you need to check if the US is the same. If not, then look up the SmartBasic manual and adjust the channel mask.

(Jac Kersing) #4

Have you set the appeui and appkey and reset the module afterwards with “atz”?

(Chehade) #5

Hi @TonySmith, yes I am using one of the sample codes, the " lora.rftest.sb". What im trying to do is follow the documentation and do a range test. would I have to write my own code?

(Chehade) #6

Yes, the app is set up. however would there be a need to set it up in a different way in order to do a range test?

(Tony Smith) #7

I’ve not used this code before and had a very quick look at its contents. I have a suspicion its not joining by OTA.

Just try the command “join 1” instead of “lora join 1” and see if that works.

(Tony Smith) #8

You could also start with something a bit simpler like the code lora.app.us.sb

By the way, do other nodes successfully join to the same gateway?

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