LoRa sensor - LoRaWAN gateway - WiFi router (OK combination?)

Moderator, if any aspect of this post is inappropriate, then please delete it. Is there any reason a LoRa beginner should not attempt to combine the below three items towards uploading data to TTN?

Thank you!

Yes - the sensor is LoRa only - it only supports the LoRa RF Phy layer and is not LoRaWAN (As espected by the GW) which requires the implementation of the relevant prootocols and specs/rules/responses - you need a LoRaWAN enabled sensor…these types of soil sensors can be bought where they are just the sensor and the output connected to a LoRaWAN module as another option.

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Apart from the issue of picking a LoRa only device …

Yes, because combine is trying too hard. Just do one step at a time.

Get your internet working - :white_check_mark:

Get your gateway online - :ok_hand:

Register & turn on your LoRaWAN device - :tada: :partying_face:

Gateways use WiFi. If it’s normal standard wifi, then the gateway will work. I can’t comment on the router, but the gateway choice is good.

LoraWAN devices use LoRaWAN gateways. 99.999% of the time they work together as there is a standard, like WiFi for communications.

But as I said, if you try to set them all up at once, you may end up with a mess. Just do one thing at a time.

Dear Jeff and Nick, Thank you for commenting about the LoRa only device! I will study further. Best, Andrei near San Francisco.

Thanks for the advice. I am in a similar situation. I ordered 2 Makerfabs Lora soil moisture sensor that I was planning using with my Dragino LPS8N Gateway. I am trying to cancel this PO.