LoRa transmission with specific gateway

hi, So, i’ve done a LoRa transmission of my DHT11 sensor with a arduino uno and a LoRa shield. it’s actually work with ABP method. But now i’ve got a problem. The transmission is done to all gateway, and all gateway can upload data in my application. I only want my gateway can send to my application and no other. OTAA can provide it ? Or i need to do a verification of my gateway in arduino code ? Thanks you for helping, and sorry if my english is bad, i’m french and i’m working in LoRa for the study.

Any gateway registered on TTN will “forward” packets from any device registered on TTN. The data is encrypted from your device to your TTN console where the servers will pass the de-encrypted data to your application.
If you are worried about the security of your data passing through other gateways then do not, your devices exchange keys during the OTAA connection or have them preset at both ends for an ABP connection. These keys are used to secure the data so that nobody else can see the information transmitted by your device.
If you are interested in knowing the performance of your Gateway for RF range etc, then you can see this in your console under your registered Gateways and in more detail if you look at the metadata that travels with the data into your device console in TTN. Your data will be carried (simply forwarded in encrypted form) by any gateway on TTN but you can choose to use or ignore metadata relating to these other gateways.
Other gateways do not interfere with the performance of your device or your gateway, simply every gateway will receive and forward any data that is native to their network and servers. There is no preference given to your gateway or others with respect to upload, perhaps download but I can not advise specifically here.

Hope this helps you, good luck with your study project!

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Thanks you for this fast answer.

This is in absolute opposition to how LoRaWAN is designed to work.

Please explain your reason for wanting this - perhaps what you are actually trying to do can be a fit with LoRaWAN, and perhaps it is not.

But as explained above, LoRaWAN is designed to use any and all available gateways to give the best service, and as a result gateways have no role in encryption or authentication, but merely pass traffic they lack the secrets to interpret or modify.

Or i need to do a verification of my gateway in arduino code ?

This would not be possible, as a node has no way of knowing which gateway(s) it is interacting with. As far as nodes can tell, they are in communication with the network server, gateways are just transparent enablers of that.

LoRaWAN applications which want to do things like map coverage of individual gateways can look at metadata from the server giving the reception quality at each gateway which reported the uplink packet in.

But if you’re going to for routine usage simply discard any packet that doesn’t have your preferred gateway in the reporting list, then you are really not using LoRaWAN (and by extension TTN) in the way it was designed to be used: Even packets you decide to ignore will still count against your fair usage totals on the network, and you have no way to dictate which gateway(s) the network may use to adjust the operating mode of your node, or to send any downlink to it.

If this design is not a fit for your goals, you probably need to consider some other scheme (either LoRa or not) which is not LoRaWAN, or at least not compliant with LoRaWAN standards. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing things some other way, but TTN is a LoRaWAN-only network.

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Ok now i understand and its obvious if we want a real “WAN”, really thanks for your explication. I was just worried about the security of my node but visibly all is ok. Thanks you :slight_smile:

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It is possible to use LoRa without the WAN if you just need a powerful tool to carry data a long way with no wires. Thr trade-off is the need for guaranteed connection between your devices and you need to create your own security and encryption.
There are many reasons to leverage all that is good in LORAWAN to make all these issues go away.


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