LoRa wardriving on a trip to Croatia

Hi all, i’ll be going on vacation to Croatia for the next two weeks by car. I thought it would be a funny idea to bring my LoRa GPS tracker. (Arduino uno + Dragino shield and gp20u7). I’m logging my location aswell as the location of the gateways that recieved my packets.

The data is transferred from the TTN backend to Node-red, and after some validation it’s exported as JSON to my server

I’m logging all the data to two .json files, called payload.JSON and meta.JSON. I extract the coords and inject them into a Google Maps JS API. I opened up port 80 and converted the website to a web-app… kinda…

So yeah, my phone will be hanging on my dashboard, logging every gateway I can recieve, from the Netherlands to Croatia. Over 1300km :wink:

I’m leaving in a couple of hours to drive through the night and if i can i’ll update you guys with screenshots and pics.

Happy holydays!


Have a nice trip!

Btw, why are you not using ttnmapper?