1. I have (MicroChip-RN2483-LoraMote) and I want to sent Temperature & Light data and for this I need code.
  2. I have (nFuse PoE enabled Rpi 3B + LoraWAN Gateway) and I want to receive LoraMote data Temperature & Light at Gateway end.
  3. Also I want to receive Temperature & Light data on Local Host (UDP Received) and decode it on display Temperature & Light and also want to send this data through (UDP Send) to TTN.

I am new and kindly guide me each and everything if anything is unclear kindly let me know. Thanks in advance.

First, ensure you are familiar with:

The devices section of: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/devices/
The gateways section of: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/
The network section of: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/network/
The applications and API sections of: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/applications/

The you can search the forum / Google to get the various elements working, starting with the gateway.

Along the way, you will be able to figure out your actual requirements for what you describe as Local Host (UDP Received) - it’s usually easy to just get the data back from TTN.

I want to do below task, Can somebody guide me from the very beginning I am new in this field.

  1. Send UDP packets (either my java or by the Lora gateway) to localhost (and also from Laptop to RPi or vice versa)|
  2. Receive UDP packets both by my java-tool and by java-script

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, but this question doesn’t make any sense. The mentions of UDP are particularly odd; that’s not really how this works. And “localhost” means a computer talking to itself, eg, is the address equivalent of “myself” and so fairly meaningless in the way you used it.

Please spend some time studying how TTN is designed to be used, and hopefully from they’re you’ll be able to see if some re-organization of your goals could be compatible.