LoRaWAN Academy - Week 10 & final grade


i am doing the LoRaWAN Academy course from The Things Conference and would love some info about the final grade and the week 10 assignment. I did post my project in the academy board some weeks ago but the points are not raising and still stuck at 80% (hovering with the mouse tells me there are points for week 1 till 9 but not week 10). How get i points for week 10 and will the QA points be included in the final exam too? They are all at zero atm (length of the bars). Stupid me wants to get a high score :wink:

Thank you very much for the help!



Hi Caspar,
Could you share with me a printscreen of your progress bars? So I can have a look what could be the issue.


Did share the screenshot in a pm - thank you very much for looking into it @laurens!

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Iā€™m getting the same result. All bars except QA are 100%, but week 10 is not in the list of bars and not part of the total score, the total score is 80%. In the week 10 discussion my final project is called: Final Project - With Vue and Leaflet based application.

The max score of the LoRaWAN Academy is 80%. If you completed 55%> you will be granted a certificate.

The certificates will be sent out shortly.

@Laurens. Thank you for your answer, this is clear now.

Everyone who completed >55% of the LoRaWAN Academy just received their certificate.

Congratulations to all who completed the course! This is a great accomplishment :champagne:

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