I found this interesting paper on combining Named Data Networking and LoraWAN to create an ad-hoc wireless network in resource-constrained environments and was curious if anyone here, has explored this as well.

Thanks in advance.

Just curious, but is the ‘NDN’ compatible with TTN ?

NDN does not provide a direct interface with LoRa, both have great security features. NDN and TCP/IP have similar hourglass architectures, but NDN puts named data at the thin waist where IP is normally. The advantage of this is that NDN can be easily overlaid IP but can add security layer just above the named data layer, making security and privacy much easier for sensor network among other applications.

In the cited article, the discuss a LoRa Daemon that developed to interface between the protocols… and they discuss some of the limitations they ran into…

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So zilch to do with TTN, which is the subject of this forum ?

With much respect, I apologize and love this forum! Please delete the post.