LoRaWAN extender

(Lhanneus) #1

Where can I find more information on some LoRaWAN extender .
I’ve followed the conference of Nicolas Sornin : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHq7_rgDyFA
at 23minutes55 , he shows some nice LoRaWAN extender.

I’ve only found this product :
Did not find yet how to buy one.

Are there other models ?
Is there some OpenSource DIY project ?

(Nestor Ayuso) #2

This is quite similar, LoRaWAN Relay

WakeOnRadio frame prior to Class-A (TX+RX1+RX2) and RX3 window after that.

(Lhanneus) #3

This is exactly what I was searching. Thanks @nestorayuso

(Nestor Ayuso) #4

(Lhanneus) #5

Funny, Laurent Chivot went to AgriLab, to discuss about the LoRaWAN network of Orange.

I will ask him more.

Thanks for the video.