LoRaWAN gateway (433 MHz)

Hi- anybody knows a place or website that sells LoRaWAN gateway (433 MHz)?
Or any reference to build it e.g using RPI and SX1301?

We are using RAK831, version 433 MHz.
But in TTN still not exist Europe433 configuration.
We are testing now one system with a set of clients. All for 433 MHz.

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What are your findings sir? We are planning to use RAK831 (433 MHz) and connect it to TTN.

Hello. Are you successful with the TTN 433mHz?

TTN does not support 433 MHz. If you want to build a 433 MHz network you’ll need to provide everything yourself. There are various LoRaWAN servers you can install on a cloud instance.

But that’s all off topic here as this is the TTN forum.

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