LORAWAN Initalisation failed- ATSAMR34

Hallo People,

While doing a project based on serial network provisioning, I came across a problem with LoRaWAN initialisation… The demo application given in the example project recognised the initialisation. Also, the complete process is done with app task scheduling.

In demo the app task scheduling recognises the LoRaWAN initialisation, but if I try to do the same with my project it fails.

I have done the initialisation same as given in the example project.

Lorawan_Init(Appdatacallback, joindatacallback)


What can be the possible reasons of failure.
if anyone has an idea on the same, kindly please share!!

Creating lots of threads about different aspects of the same project isn’t really very efficient.

Especially when your questions are all critically lacking in context and detail.

Likely you should find a solid working example for your board and first get it working absolutely unchanged before you make any changes.

Also consider keeping your project in a public git repo so people can have some consistent sense of what you are attempting.

You’ll need to provide more detailed debug output, and also to explain the supporting infrastructure on the network side and provide a view into what is (or is not) being heard and transmitted there, too.


@cslorabox, Thankyou for your comment. I am beginner in programming and Iam trying to improve my skills daily. In future posts I will try to be more clear to questions,what i write over here. Also , thankyou for letting me know about public git file.


Hallo evereyone,
As mentioned by one of colleagues here, I have posted the project in Github public post:

As I couldnt find the file to upload, I have added the source code with the project explanation.
I am not a fluent user, Hope someboy can provide with an idea for the problem.

There’s nothing there. You should “fork” the project you are starting with, create a logical series of “commits” (in your fork not the original repo) covering your changes and create an “issue” describing the specific problem.