Lorawan Mac for Arduino

hii I am trying to connect an arduino with sx1276 lora transreciever to lorawan gateway dragino lg 308. I am experiencing difficulty to connect end node device to gateway using LMIC Lorawan library provided by IBM,Matthijs Kooijman, Terry Moore. please suggest me to overcome this problem

The Matthijs Kooijman version is deprecated and incompatible with the current version of TTN. If you’re going to use LMiC you need to use the MCCI (Terry Moore) version (or something at a comparative level of bug fixes)

You may find it challenging to build that to fit on an Uno though it may be possible for an expert at tuning things. Really it’s best on one of the larger ARM-based Arduino-compatible boards.

Beyond that, no one can really help you until you post specifics of the problem - but please, don’t report problems with deprecated code, first update to current code where there’s an expectation that it should work.

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thanks for your reply.
currently, I was using Arduino UNO. but as you suggested I will use Arduino BLE sense 33 which embeds nrf52840 a powerful MCU(arm Cortex M4). can you please suggest to me that how should I proceed with that. which library should I use to connect my end node with dragino gateway LG03

Here you go: GitHub - mcci-catena/arduino-lmic: LoraWAN-MAC-in-C library, adapted to run under the Arduino environment